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The problem

I wanted to move my professional site from to and redirect traffic, but GoDaddy does not support HTTPS ➡️ HTTPS redirects. I could use GoDaddy’s redirect service, but anyone who went to an HTTPS link (say would get the scary “Your connection is not private” message, saying…

I just finished putting a lot of time into collecting, cleaning, and analyzing Fortune 100 tweets from the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. After a few thousand tweets, I hit plenty of hurdles and corner cases. Below I’ve listed some mistakes that I’ve encountered while working with the Twitter API.

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Corporations use Twitter mostly for press releases, advertising, and customer service. But as a consequence of sharing Twitter on equal footing with their customers, corporations have never been more publicly accountable to the forces of social movements, especially Twitter-native movements like Black Lives Matter.

After the death of George Floyd…

For almost a decade, “Florida Man” has been a mainstay antihero of internet culture. Headlines like “Florida man too fat for jail” and “Florida man steals dinosaur bones” are easy fodder for meme-ification. In early 2013, “Florida Man” was canonized on Twitter with @_FloridaMan and on Reddit with the r/FloridaMan…

The rules for The Weakest Link are simple: A group of people answer questions in a circle. For each correct answer, the team goes up the totem pole of values they can “bank.” After one correct answer they can bank £250, after two correct answers they can bank £500, and…

Almost every Princeton graduate — from Senator Ted Cruz to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, actress Brooke Shields to Chair of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell — has written a senior thesis. All these graduates have also used a titular idiom that plagues nearly half of Princeton theses: the colon.

A 99-point error spread

Fake-follower calculators, especially a platform called Twitter Audit, have been cited by a number of news outlets, including The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and the Columbia Journalism Review. But these platforms’ statistical techniques are far from rigorous for large accounts.

One fake-follower calculator created by SparkToro, a startup claiming approximately $1.8…

Peak Shaving with Neural Networks: Part III

Research in partnership with the Open Modeling Framework.

This is the third in a three-part series about peak shaving with neural networks. Consider checking out the other two:

Even the best models for predicting energy consumption aren’t good enough to capture a majority of the possible value of peak shaving…

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